The Complete CFII Binder

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$189.00 Today, then an annual subscription fee of $50.00 / year with 1 year of free product updates included.


Designed for the CFII Applicant, Current CFI, and Airline Pilots who provide flight instruction on the side. The Complete CFII Binder, NAV II Avionics Edition, was designed for really anyone who want’s the most up-to-date flight instruction resource available on the market, today!

The Complete CFII Binder, NAV II Avionics Edition, covers every testable subject in the FAA PTS. In addition to all the mandatory meat and potatoes, the text also contains many more Technical Subject Areas that are valuable to a newly certified instructor. This textbook was designed to make our customers more successful by arming them with as much information as they could ever imagine.


The Complete CFI Binder Series is more than just Plain Old Lesson Plans! This textbook was designed to include the lesson plan, but also all of the lesson content! It’s all located directly within each and every single lesson. Say goodbye to all of those giant books you’d normally have to lug around. Instead. Use the e-Book version of The Complete CFII Binder! Take it with you in the cockpit, in the debrief room, and even on vacation (if you’re that kinda person).

We’ve written The Complete CFII Binder so that anyone can understand the material. You don’t need P.H.D. in Aeronautics. Yet, the content is incredibly comprehensive. You can easily pick up the textbook and begin teaching a student fundamental knowledge areas, without even knowing what you’re about to teach! The book is clear, concise, extremely detailed, and easy to read.


The Complete CFI Binder Series was designed to be a dynamic product. A product that is perpetually updated us on an annual to semi-annual basis (sometimes more, as needed) to ensure that our customers always have the most current, up-to-date material to use on the FAA Practical, and to teach their students. The Perpetual Update Subscription is how we provide you with these updates. The subscription isn’t just for simple updates either. In addition to updates, we also routinely publish new content to our product during scheduled releases. We provide all customers a FREE one-year trial subscription with all orders. Get more information about the Perpetual Update Subscription, and the FREE Trial.

The Perpetual Update Subscription can be canceled at any time. Customers are only billed the $50 Annual Fee, if they do not cancel their subscription, after the free trial period expires. The $50 Annual Fee will be billed to each subscription customer, exactly one-year from the original date of purchase.



The Complete CFII Binder was designed for flight instructor applicants, current aviation instructors and even airline pilots who instruct on the side. This book contains the material for each and every testable subject area found in the FAA CFII PTS. Each lesson plan contained within this book is mandatory for the CFII Practical Examination. Immediately, you’ll notice that this is the best CFII Binder™ ever created. As it not only contains each lesson plan you’ll need for the practical, and to teach your students; but also is “all-encompassing.” This is advantageous, as all of the content that you’ll need in order to study, or teach, is found directly within this book!

The Complete CFII Binder follows the same layout and formatting that our first award-winning book, “The Complete CFI Binder” utilized. You’ll quickly discover that all required lesson plans (as per the CFII PTS) are included within the book, as well as a multitude of supplemental information, located directly within each lesson.

The incredible benefit of having all needed content at your finger tips, built into this book, eliminates the need for additional resources, or the act of doing your own research to build your own lesson plans. This book is a godsend for the CFII Applicant during the study process! Furthermore, after obtaining your CFII, this book can and should be used to comprehensively educate your students! The Complete CFII Binder is a resource that has been meticulously, and comprehensively engineered to yield successful a successful aviation instructor. The material contained within this book will guarantee your future success, and provide you with a stress-free way to study essential CFII material in preparation for your Practical Examination.

The Complete CFII Binder was designed to arm our customers with an arsenal of “quality” lesson plans, which are loaded with the most comprehensive aeronautical knowledge, needed to not only pass the CFII Oral Exam, but to also successfully teach the marterial to your students.


  • You are ordering the NAV II Edition of The Complete CFII Binder.
  • Printable, Loose-Leaf PDF Version of The Complete CFII Binder.
  • FREE iPad Version, as an added benefit of buying directly from PILOTNICK™!
  • FREE (1 Year) Perpetual Update Subscription (auto-renews at $50.00 per year, and must be cancelled by the customer).



We recommend that customers wait until about a week or two prior to their check-ride, before printing a copy of The Complete CFII Binder. This is merely a recommendation, and customers can certainly print their purchase immediately, if so desired. But we do recommend waiting on the printing process, as updates to our product can be distributed at any time, and we’d like to see our customers have the most recent version of The Complete CFI Binder Series for the check-ride.


Protect your investment in aviation education by way of a Perpetual Update Subscription. The Complete CFII Binder was designed to be updated on an annual to semi-annual basis (at the discretion of our editing team, and based on the need for content revisions, and/or additions). You will receive a notification email when the product has been updated, which will contain instructions on updating your product. Your subscription will automatically renew each year. It can be canceled at any time by you, our customer. To view the historical revision data, and to check the current version. Please review the Changelog Page.


We recommend utilizing the complimentary iPad Version of The Complete CFI Binder for self-study. This iPad Version is interactive, and contains many features that the PDF Version does not have. Therefore, we recommend doing all study, and teaching operations, directly from your iPad via the complimentary interactive version that we provide you with your order.

Additional information

Avionics Package

This book has been universally customized for a aircraft equipped with NAV II and NAV III Avionics Package.

Delivery Method

This product is 100% downloadable and printable. Therefore, no book will be shipped to you. The book in the photo at the top of the page is merely an example of what the CFI Binder was designed to look like, after being printed out and inserted into a binder of your choice.

Annual Update Subscription

1 Year free trial for product updates via the Update Subscription. Can be canceled at any time.

NOTE: If you cancel your Annual Update Subscription, you will loose access to your download files, and will no longer be provided with product updates.

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Print Length

The Complete CFII Binder is 418 pages in length, as of the most recent update.

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12 reviews

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  1. Anthony Rizzuti

    5 out of 5 Excellent Binder

    Anthony Rizzuti (verified owner)

    As with the initial CFI binder, the CFII binder is leaps and bounds above all others I looked at. The quality of the information and graphics make it much more complete and user-friendly and make it well worth the extra cost. It would be nice, however, for those of us going for all the ratings (CFI, CFII, MEI) if there were some sort of combined product that limits the overlaps and at a reduced fee (ie, there’s no need for FOI, Aeromedical, etc sections again if you’re getting more than one of these binders). I’m working on my MEI now, and I can’t wait for that binder to be finished (I am a bit disappointed that the anticipated release date keeps getting pushed further and further back).

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  2. Thomas Graham

    5 out of 5 Amazing Product! Passed the CFII on the First Try.

    Thomas Graham (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product, and I was able to pass my CFI-I on the first try thanks to this! I really wish I had it for my CFI-A. The high cost is completely worth what you get, and I will definitely use it when I’m actually working soon. I’ve recommended it to everyone I was training with, and I couldn’t recommend it more to everyone else!

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  3. Donald Borba

    5 out of 5 Awesome collection of information!

    Donald Borba (verified owner)

    I had purchased the CFI binder for my initial and it was awesome so I decided I couldn’t live without the CFII binder for my instrument instructor checkride. It did not disappoint. It has all of the PTS information meticulously outlined and explained. Great product!

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  4. Scott Gall

    5 out of 5 Great Product!

    Scott Gall (verified owner)

    Great product! I just started working on my CFII using The Complete CFII Binder. I originally purchased the CFI Binder and used it on my Initial CFI. I passed the CFI Course using The Compelte CFI Binder! The Complete CFII Binder is just as good as The Complete CFI Binder!

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  5. Jeffrey Brooks

    5 out of 5 Passed the CFII checkride!

    Jeffrey Brooks (verified owner)

    Includes all the important information and is organized according to the CFII PTS. Will be a valuable resource to use while teaching .

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  6. Ricky Myers

    5 out of 5 #1 CFII Resource!

    Ricky Myers (verified owner)

    I passed my CFII with help from this binder. I still use it on a consistent basis everyday to teach from. Very useful resource and my number one source for instructional information pertaining to Instrument Flight Training!

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  7. Alex Kelly

    5 out of 5 Definitely worth the money

    Alex Kelly (verified owner)

    These plans are great, not only to pass your check ride, but to brush up with periodically and awesome to teach from. Great content, lots of colors and modern format to keep often tedious content from being boring. Highly recommended.

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  8. Imad Hammoud

    5 out of 5 Amazing CFII Binder!

    Imad Hammoud (verified owner)

    I passed my CFI with no problem, thanks to The Complete CFI Binder from PILOTNICK.COM! Now I’m studying for the CFII, and The Complete CFII binder has it all… No need to look into other resources… Thanks!

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  9. Edward Mosch

    5 out of 5 Great Product

    Edward Mosch (verified owner)

    When I found out I had to pull together lesson plans and training material for my initial CFII, I was completely overwhelmed. I spent 2 weeks reviewing website materials and went to 2 different brick and mortar pilot shops. After all my searching I found that the Complete CFII Binder by PilotNick was the most comprehensive product I could find. The notebook has been my primary tool for passing my instrument CFI checkride as well as for passing my written exams. I started using the notebook for my students ground training and it has proven very successful. I highly recommend The Complete CFII Binder for instrument training for both instructors and students.

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  10. Bruce Irving

    5 out of 5 Passed My CFII!

    Bruce Irving (verified owner)

    I love this product! Very helpful and professional when teaching students and studying. I wish there was more on G1000. Helped me pass my CFII.

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  11. Charles Harrist

    5 out of 5 very helpful!

    Charles Harrist (verified owner)

    This has really helped with teaching my instrument students!! I wish I had this 5 years ago!

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