Collegiate Level Pilot Ground Training

Online Courses On Your Terms

Let's be honest...


There are tons of well-known, name-brand products and companies out there that produce training courses for pilots. None of which specifically focus on teaching at the Correlation Level to the Flight Instructor Certification Level.


PILOTNICK Online Courses


Perpetually Updated

Our Courses are always kept current. Updates are released on a regular basis.

Professionally Written

Our Courses have been meticulously built and edited by pilots, for pilots.

Easy To Understand

Our Online Courses are written in plain English. No over-complicated content here.

Stuffed With Content

Our Interactive Courses are loaded with hand-picked content vital to your success.

College Level Courses

Vast Attention to Detail

Actually Learn Something

Most online pilot training courses stop teaching the student at the Understanding Level. 

We Don't...

We write our course content to educate our students to the Correlation Level, which is a unique offering in our industry.

Enhanced Multimedia

We've Got Lots of Video

Auditory & Visual Learning

If you're an Auditory and/or Visual learner, our courses are designed for you. Each of our courses contain tons of college-level lectures, designed to help you retain the course content.

Practical Experience

Courses That Keep You Out of Trouble

Real World Detail

Each course that we build and sell teaches our students information that only exists beyond the textbook and beyond the syllabus. Much of the content we add to our courses has come from our own experiences operating as Professional Pilots and Teachers.

Micro Course Concept

Learn Only What You Need

Learn Only What You Want

Each course is engineered to teach you a very specific subject area within the pilot training curriculum.

All Experience Levels

Universal for Private, Commercial and CFI

Take Our Course At Any Level

There are no additional course materials required to purchase once you enroll in one of our courses. Any and all supplemental course materials will be provided within each course.

Learn How To Teach

Be Ready for Your First Student

Say No to Deficient Instructon

An industry first. Via lecture videos, we actually teach you how to teach your very first few students. Each course contains a customized teaching module with both video and textual content explaining how to teach your students.

Courses Built by Pilots

Learn from ATP Certificated Flight Instructors

Big Credentials

Our course developers are real pilots who hold a minimum of an ATP with various Flight Instructor Teaching Certificates.

Cost Effectiveness

Buy Only What You Want

Bundled Programs are Expensive

We build and sell our courses based on an à la carte sales model. We produce robust low-cost courses that can be incrementally purchased on your own terms.

Learn From Anywhere

From Any Device with an Internet Connection

iOS, Android, Windows - No Problem

Our courses can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, on any device. Got an iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, Windows PC or an Android Device. Don't Worry, They All Work!


Talent Stagnation

Due to the rigid nature of pilot certification and lack of out-of-the-box thinking, much of the methods and content being taught to pilot applicants has become stagnant. Recently, this has improved. But still largely remains a problem.

Lack of Innovation

Many of the big-box pilot shops have been selling old content that is far beyond its retirement age. Much of what is being taught to future generations of pilots has remained vastly unchanged, for nearly a decade.

Closed-Minded Thinking

Generally, those who are afraid of trying new things or thinking outside of the box are considered to be closed-minded. We see this a lot in the realm of the pilot training and certification world.

Lack of Practical Experience

Many instructors who are teaching these days lack the real-world practical experience that a teacher should have. Many teach to move on to the next step in the career. Thus, never fully achieve the critical experience that a teacher should have.

Here's What We're Doing About It

Over the years, we have been hard at work developing a world-class Learning Management Platform (LMS) coupled with ATP Certified, Flight Instructors. A unique offering that is truly unheard of in this industry. Each bringing unique talent and experience to our organization. We are not afraid to try new things. In fact, we crave new methods and techniques. We. Love. To. Innovate.

We exist to serve the future generations of pilots. We build and sell quality training courses that teach the future generation of pilots what they need to know, how to come to know it, and ultimately - how to teach it.