The Complete CFII Binder is the most comprehensive, and intuitive teaching guide ever developed for Instrument Flight Instructor Certification. The book is now available for purchase and can be used universally in all aircraft equipped with NAV II Avionics.



The Complete MEI Binder is the most comprehensive, and intuitive teaching guide ever developed for Initial Multi-Engine Flight Instructor Certification. This new book is still in production, and is scheduled to be released soon.



The Complete CFI Binder is the most comprehensive teaching guide ever developed for initial Flight Instructor Certification, and remains the only publication of its kind in the world. The book was specifically written for CFI Applicants and Airline Pilots who teach aviation students on the side. Designed For The CESSNA 172 RG CUTLASS.



The Complete CFI Binder is the most comprehensive teaching guide ever developed for initial Flight Instructor Certification, and remains the only publication of its kind in the world. The book was specifically written for CFI Applicants and Airline Pilots who teach aviation students on the side. Designed For The PIPER ARROW III – P28R.



The Complete CFII Binder was designed for the CFII applicant, the current CFII, and even airline pilots who provide flight instruction on the side, and really don’t have the ability to stay current with changing regulations and procedures.

If you’re a CFII Candidate and are searching for a resource to use during your ground and flight lessons, you’ve finally found it! In-fact, you’ve found the only book in the world that you could take on a CFII Practical TODAY and WOW your examiner.

This book covers every testable subject area that you’ll find in the CFII Practical Test Standards. The Complete CFII Binder follows the same layout and formatting that our first award-winning book, titled: “The Complete CFI Binder” utilized. You’ll easily find that all required lesson plans are included within the book, as well as a multitude of supplemental information, which is located directly within each lesson.

You absolutely will NOT find any other CFII Binder™ on planet earth that even compares to our product. In-fact, nothing matches The Complete CFII Binder in terms of comprehensiveness, ease of use, and up-to-date content. This book has been intuitively designed so that our customers can start teaching CFII lessons immediately.


Since the inception of our company in 2014, we have focused on making pilot certification easier. We’re a company that makes educational products by pilots, for pilots. We pride ourselves in producing the most successful CFII Binder™ that has ever existed on planet earth. We listen to our customers, and produce products that make their lives easier.

Both our CFI and CFII Binder were designed to enable the applicant to easily study the CFI and CFII course content from anywhere in the world. By developing the binder on the iPad, we have enabled our customers to travel the world while studying for their practical examination. We have completely eliminated the need for bulky books that an applicant would typically lug around while studying, or use while compiling their very own binder.

After the applicant has scheduled their check-ride, they can simply login to their customer account on PILOTNICK.COM and download their very own copy of their binder in print form. This is the same binder that the applicant has been studying from their iPad. Simple, easy, all with the click of a button!

Then, once the applicant has moved on with his or her career and becomes an airline pilot, the applicant will always have immediate access to the most up-to-date content, via their iPad, related to flight instruction. We provide perpetual updates to our products, which guarantees that they’ll always be kept up-to-date. You never know when you might want to pickup flight instruction again, perhaps as a side job, after you get your first airline gig. If you do, you’ll enjoy “up-to-date content” that our product will provide you when you teach your new students.


Creating your own CFII Binder is a rather time-consuming task which can lead to countless hours of frustration, time lost, and confusion.  The Complete CFII Binder will prove to be an invaluable resource for CFI Practical, and it is worth every penny. PILOTNICK.COM knows what our customers need, and want. We have created a product that simply cannot be matched. Others have tried our approach and have failed. Year over year, we continue to produce the best educational products for CFI and CFII applicants.

If you’re a CFII applicant just starting the course, or even an applicant who has been working on the rating for a while, you absolutely need The Complete CFII Binder. Our lesson plans have been engineered with a practical, hands-on approach to teaching. Both you, as our customer, and your future students will benefit from the design and content of our material.

The Complete CFII Binder was designed to arm our customers with an arsenal of “Quality” Lesson Plans that are loaded with the most comprehensive aeronautical knowledge that you’ll need to not only pass your Oral Exam, but to successfully teach the content to your future students, as well! Our lesson plans cover every single testable subject area of the most current version (2015-2016) CFII PTS! Nothing has been left out! Instead of wasting time creating your own lesson plans, use ours, and skip the risk of not studying the correct information for your CFII Oral. We guarantee that our lesson plans are the best on planet earth!

Don’t make the mistake of failing your Oral Exam before you even begin the CFII course; be smart, be sensible, and arm yourself with “The Complete CFII Binder.”


To satisfy the needs of your FAA examiner, or DPE, you must possess a physical (paper) copy of your CFII Binder. This requirement is mainly because the examiner is evaluating your ability to teach the content that is contained within your CFII Binder. The version of The Complete CFII Binder that is sold on our website will satisfy this requirement. PILOTNICK.COM is the only place that you can purchase a printable version of The Complete CFII Binder. As an added benefit of buying direct from PILOTNICK.COM, as a “free-of-charge” courtesy, we include a copy of the iPad Version of The Complete CFII Binder with your order, FREE!

With two versions of the book made available to you, we’ve got you covered! The PDF Version is provided to print the book for the CFII Practical Exam. The interactive iPad Version is lightweight and easy to travel with, therefore, you can take it anywhere for studying. The iPad Version can also be used to teach your students, after you become a certificated instructor pilot.

The “Printable” Version Is Absolutely Required For The CFII Practical.


We do offer a “Custom Editing Service” to our customers, at an extra charge. This custom service is ideal for a customers who would like special customizations. We offer this service on a case-by-case basis, and request that you contact us for further details.

Customization services are provided for a fee of $35 per/hour. A (5) Five Hour retainer is also required, and is held until the completion of your project. Any funds left-over from the retainer will promptly be refunded at project completion. If you would like more information on this custom service, please submit a ticket!

A little Creative Thinking Goes a Long Way!

This is how your CFI Binder was designed to look, after you print and bind it.


The Complete CFII Binder was designed with the intentions of coupling technology with aviation by using the Apple iPad. This book has interactive content encompassed within each lesson. The book was intentionally designed this way, so that you could use it to help your students learn; after you’ve passed your CFII Practical. By having access to this book on your iPad, you’ll learn to appreciate how light and easy it is to walk around with.


After purchasing our product, you’ll immediately notice that “The Complete CFII Binder” covers much more than just the standard FAA required CFII Lesson Plans. There’s a tremendous amount of content embedded directly within each subject area. This content was intentionally placed in the book to enable an Aviation Instructor to teach a student while utilizing one single resource. “Think of The Complete CFII Binder as your teachers guide.”

Let’s face it; there are so many FAA publications available today, each one having different content; can lead to confusion, cluttered workspaces, and in some cases; outdated material. The Complete CFII Binder virtually eliminates all of the extra FAA publications that an Aviation Instructor would need to have in their possession at the time of teaching a student.

Because our product is “all encompassing” you’ll almost never to use any other publication to teach a ground lesson to a student. Our product was designed with convenience in mind; the content within our lesson plans is perpetually updated throughout the year. So you’ll always have the most up-to-date information available to teach your students.


With a Premium Update Subscription by PILOTNICK.COM, you will possess one of the most up-to-date aviation training publications available in the aviation industry. The update subscription will provide our customer with access to perpetual product updates, until the subscription is canceled by the customer. We offer a complimentary 1 year free trial for product updates, which is included in your initial order.


If our customer does not wish to participate in the program, he or she may cancel at any time, and is under no obligation to continue in the program. Keep in mind, you are automatically given a 1 year free trial to this subscription service. Customers may cancel their subscription by navigating to their Customer Account. Customers are automatically enrolled in the Annual Update Subscription after their initial purchase, so no further efforts are required to enroll in the program.


A Premium Update Subscription is affordable. Immediately following your first free year of premium update service, you will be billed $50. This premium program costs less than $4.20 per month. Moreover, it’s dramatically less than one-hour of flight instruction. A small price to pay to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information in the palm of you hand.


Updates are routinely released quarterly, or as needed, throughout the year. If an update is deemed critical, a release will occur outside of the regular quarterly update schedule. We frequently add new content, revise content, and add customer-requested content, if we determine the requested content will enhance our product.


Let’s face the facts. Over the past few years, the aviation industry has changed so quickly, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. With recent regulatory changes, like non-monitoring of guard frequency (121.5), the discontinuance of Flight Watch (122.0), changes in how a Student Pilot obtains his or her Student Pilot Certificate… You can see the importance of this premium subscription. As an Aviation Instructor, your students look to you for answers. You are the gate-keeper of aviation. Invest in yourself, and be sure that you always have the most up-to-date information that relates to flight instruction.


The Complete CFI Binder Series will be updated to the new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) when they’re released to the public by the FAA. For more information on how The Complete CFI Binder Series complies with the Practical Test Standards (PTS), and when the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) will be implemented, please read our Knowledge Base Article below.

Read The Knowledge Base Article


The book is also for sale on the Apple iBook’s Store. If you don’t have the need to print the book, purchasing the book from Apple will be the best option for you. Remember, if you purchase the book from Apple; you will NOT be able to print the book, you will only receive the iPad Version. This option is only good for aviation instructors who already hold a valid CFII teaching certificate and wish to use the book as a teaching-aid for students.



We have made a medley of randomly selected screen shots of specific lesson plans that have come from “The Complete CFII Binder.” These screen shots are being provided as a sample of our work. Note: These are only sample screen shots and are not a representation of the entire lesson; the screen shots are only small fragments of a subject located within a lesson plan.