The Complete CFII Binder

The Complete CFII Binder is a unified suite of professionally engineered, comprehensively built lesson plans that fit directly in the palm of your hand. Easily accessible anytime, anywhere. The Complete CFII Binder covers every testable subject area in the FAA CFII PTS.

The Complete CFII Binder has been written to a comprehension level that is fundamentally easy to understand. Our writing style promotes learning and information retention. You won’t find overly-complicated concepts or explanations that are difficult to digest, or difficult to teach.

It’s Simple! You won’t need a P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand or teach the material!

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Perpetual Updates

The Complete CFII Binder is always up-to-date. We publish updates on an annual to semi-annual basis. All revisions are tracked via a customer-accessible Changelog page.


Complete Turnkey Solution

Our CFII Binder is a completely finished, polished solution that you can download today, and be check-ride ready by tomorrow! Your only job is to study the material.


Teach With Your iPad

Get rid of the paper! The Complete CFII Binder is an interactive, dynamic, electronic product. Designed for exclusive use on the iPad.



The Complete CFII Binder is more than just lesson plans. Our product is unique and likely very different than anything you’ve ever seen before. Our product was designed to resemble a Teachers Manual. The first of its kind. Whether you’re a Flight Instructor in training or an already certificated instructor. This product is for YOU! The Complete CFII Binder is an all-encompassing teachers guide, filled with all the necessary content you’d need to teach your CFII lessons and teach your first flight students.

You’ll quickly realize that The Complete CFII Binder nearly replaces most, if not all, of the “extra” supplemental FAA resources that you’re probably very familiar with. No need to bring all of these books with you to each lesson. Instead, bring one single resource: The Complete CFII Binder. You’ll almost never need to use any other resource to teach your student a ground lesson.


Creating your own CFII Binder is one of the most time-consuming, and daunting tasks of obtaining your Instrument Flight Instructor Certificate. Our product, The Complete CFII Binder, is a completely unified, completely finished textbook that includes all areas of operation, and all technical subject areas required, as per the CFII PTS. With a product like The Complete CFII Binder, building your own CFII Binder is a complete waste of time!

Here’s why…

As a CFII Applicant, you have no practical experience, and likely have little to no teaching qualifications. You’re “in training” to become an aviation instructor. A teacher of all things related to flight training. At this point in your career, you likely have no idea what needs to be in a CFII Binder, or how to piece together the relevant content that is important, or content that you’d need while you’re teaching. Building your own CFII Binder is a monumental feat that should never be undertaken by someone who’s just “learning the ropes.” A proper CFII Binder should be built by a professional who has years of practical experience to share. Trust us, we’ve been doing this for a while.

Through independent research, we discovered that the vast majority of pilots who’ve either become CFII’s or those who have failed while trying, all possessed a CFII Binder that was disorganized, and chaotic! Most applicant binders that we reviewed had content that was literally held into place with a piece of tape, and images that were drawn on a cocktail napkin. In-fact, most of the binder’s we saw lacked fundamental information that would help an applicant on the practical test. Building your own CFII Binder, especially to our standard of perfection, would take thousands of hours and an insurmountable amount of patients. We know. Because we’ve done it.

Nearly 50% of all CFII Applicants never actually get their CFII Certificate because they realize the tremendous amount of work involved and simply quit, or they fail. We don’t want you to be a statistic. We’ve done all of the heavy-lifting for you so that all you’ll need to do is focus on studying our material, and pass the CFII Practical!


Whether you’re a CFII Applicant who’s just starting the journey to become a FAA Certified Flight Instructor or an applicant who’s been at it for a while. You absolutely need a copy of The Complete CFII Binder! Our lesson plans have been engineered the assist our customers with the fundamental knowledge needed to pass the CFII Oral on the first try. 

Based on pass-rate statistics provided by the Denver FSDO, nearly 80% of initial CFII Applicants fail their initial Practical Exam. The majority of the failures occur during the Oral Exam. The typical CFII applicant doesn’t realize it, but he or she actually begins to fail the CFII Oral Exam before they even begin. The key to success begins with the preparation work. Your pass or fail outcome is almost entirely based on your aeronautical knowledge as a pilot. Retaining what you’ve learned throughout your flying career can be a daunting, as there is a tremendous amount of information to remember… This is why The Complete CFII Binder is such an invaluable resource.

This is your get-out-of-jail-free card. Can’t remember something on your CFII Practical?  Don’t worry! The Complete CFII Binder was designed to arm you with an arsenal of “Quality” Lesson Plans, loaded with the most comprehensive aeronautical knowledge that you’ll need, not only to pass your CFII Oral but also to successfully teach the material to your future students! Our lesson plans cover every single testable subject area of the most current version of the CFII PTS!


Behind the scenes, we work very hard to ensure that the product we’re providing you is the best that it can be. We keep our noses buried deep in the books, and do all the heavy lifting so that you can simply focus on studying the material, and being successful! A Perpetual Update Subscription is how we provide you with these updates. 

We provide all of our customers with a FREE subscription, which lasts for a one-year trial period. During this period. You’ll receive product updates, feature updates, and you’ll have the ability to download your files anytime you wish, directly from our website. This one-year period begins on the date of initial purchase and will extend for one calendar year. Once the free subscription period ends (after one full year), you will be charged regular price for the subscription. The Perpetual Update Subscription is billed on an annual basis, at a cost of $25.00. You will continue to be billed for the subscription until you cancel it.

The Complete CFII Binder (NAV II Avionics)

We currently offer one version of The Complete CFII Binder. 

This was designed to be universally applicable to any aircraft with analog instrumentation.


Get a free sample of The Complete CFII Binder, NAV II Avionics Edition, directly from our website.

This sample version can only be opened in the Apple iBooks application.


Want to see what subject areas are included in The Complete CFII Binder? Download the Master Table of Contents.

Loose-Leaf EPUB

Included in every order, you’ll receive a copy of the loose-leaf EPUB version of The Complete CFII Binder. This version is High-Resolution and is intended to for printing your copy of The Complete CFII Binder only.


Interactive iOS Version

Included in every order, you’ll receive a FREE copy of the interactive iOS version of The Complete CFII Binder. This version can only be used on an iPad or Macintosh Computer. At this time, it cannot be used on any other device.

What You Wont Get

We do not ship you a physical copy of The Complete CFII Binder in any way. We only write and publish the content that we sell. Therefore, if you need a physical copy. You’ll be responsible for printing your own copy of the textbook.