PILOTNICK™ was founded on March 13th, 2014 in Denver, Colorado, by pilot and entrepreneur; Nicholas R. Schvabenitz. During the infancy of our company, we had a very specific focus on developing a radical new product: a CFI Binder™. Our founder, Nick Schvabenitz, was training to be a CFI and was unable to locate any resources that specifically covered building a CFI Binder for the FAA Practical. Like many visionaries that can’t find what they want, Nick decided that he was going to develop the best CFI Binder that could ever be produced. He succeeded. Creating The Complete CFI Binder Series was a remarkable milestone in the history of our company. Many don’t realize that Nick actually used The Complete CFI Binder on his FAA Practical. Later, after he realized what a phenomenal product it really was, he published it and began offering it at PILOTNICK.COM for other aviators to purchase. If you’d like to learn more about our Founder & President, Nicholas Schvabenitz. Please view the about Nick Schvabenitz page.

Our organization has found much success in the Aerospace Education industry, mainly because we take a radically different approach to educating pilots. We are out-of-the-box thinkers. Immediately following the initial launch of The Complete CFI Binder, we primarily focused on Flight Instructor Certification. However, once those products became a success, we began moving into other facets of the Aerospace Education arena. Soon, we plan to have an entire suite of Online Education Courses, which follow the same type of methods that Online College Courses do. We will also be developing educational content for Student, Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot Certification.

Our products are designed for clients who are passionate about learning how to fly, to teach others how to fly, and who never want to stop learning anything, and everything, they possibly can. Our approach to building content that focused on those simple principles is what makes our products so truly unique. Plain and simply put, our products teach you what you need to know, and want to know, without over complicating what is being taught. There is never a substitute for passion. Passion is the lifeblood of our company!


PILOTNICK™ almost exclusively focuses on delivering quality, “enhanced,” aerospace training materials for initial flight instructor certification. These materials were developed with the millennial generation in mind. The content that we create offers our customer a very unique and innovative experience. Designed to be easy to read, thorough, and comprehensive. Our products change our customers’ lives, by offering them an impactful, exciting approach to Aerospace Education.


PILOTNICK™ does NOT offer Customer Service, Sales, or Product Support by telephone. All Pre-Sales, Customer Service, and Product Support are handled here, on our website, via a Support Ticket. Our support team is almost entirely comprised of subject-matter-experts who work as airline pilots. Therefore, our support team is typically displaced from our Headquarters in Denver during the week, which is why we do not offer customer support by telephone. When a customer submits a Support Ticket, the ticket is instantly delivered to the correct support staff member, thereby allowing them to respond on-the-fly! Tickets are normally answered within 2-hours.


We’re proud to be headquartered in The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado! We enjoy over 300 days of sunny skies, have spectacular views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and are at an altitude of 5,280 feet! Our Corporate Headquarters is located in the Central Business District in Downtown Denver. We’re in the Dominion Towers Building (South Tower) on the 28th floor. Our building does not allow unsolicited visits from customers. Visits to our office are by appointment only. If you’d like to visit us, simply contact us, and we’d be happy to schedule an appointment. We operate within the Mountain Time Zone and do observe Daylight Savings Time.

PILOTNICK Publishing, Ltd.

600 17th Street, Suite 2800 South
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 872-0566

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PILOTNICK Headquarters