The primary focus of our company is to produce Aerospace Education content that will enhance pilot ability, by expanding  knowledge in two areas. First, by teaching our clients important Aviation Academics which they’ll use over their career as a pilot. Second, to make a better more-educated Instructor Pilot (IP). Our vision is to enhance the material that is disseminated by the FAA by creating Online Education Courses that are developed similarly to what you’d find at a University (Collegiate Level). Our courses are not like others in the Aviation Education industry. They’re not designed to spoon-feed our clients, but instead, place a high emphasis on streamlined education by way of self-study, and professional development. We also regularly write and publish new technical manuals that are focused directly on flight instruction. In the coming years, we expect to release many new publications, which directly address individuals seeking both lower and higher levels of pilot certification.


In today’s age of technology, we have become accustomed to so many new and exciting modern conveniences. Among those conveniences is automation, and Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). Technology has changed the way that a new pilot will learn how to fly. We embrace that change, and intertwine those new methods of teaching into the content that we develop. By embracing this new technology, we provide the millennial generation of pilots with what they want, and what they need!

The complexities of learning how to fly should never discourage a perspective aviator from learning. Especially now that general aviation has received access to so many new technological advancements, which can assist with cross-country flight planning, takeoff and landing performance data, weight and balance, and much more! Of course, we always recommend learning these critical flight planning tasks in the elementary stages of your flight training. But, after obtaining the required basic knowledge of how to execute said tasks manually, we recommend using an electronic EFB, as the act of doing so will greatly reduce pilot workload, enhance situational awareness, and increase safety.


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Instructor Guided Online Education Courses For Pilot Certification.


PILOTNICK™ has taken a different approach to Online Courseware. We’re one of the first companies to successfully develop, and offer for purchase, “Micro-Courses.” Micro-Courses are a new form of Online Courseware, designed to make our customers successful by delivering course content that is highly focused on specific areas of study. Our à la carte courses offer a higher level of detailed knowledge to our customers by combining valuable FAA provided content with real-world, practical flight experience.


Our Online Courseware is radically different from our competitors because of the high-quality nature of both the content and super that we provide our customers. We offer something that no other Aviation Education company offers. We offer supplemental ground instruction via FAA Certificated Instructors! Course Participants can easily communicate with their Course Teacher, (an appropriately rated FAA Certified Flight Instructor) anytime clarification is needed on course content, or when you simply doesn’t understand something.