The Complete CFI Binder is a completely finished, polished solution that you can download today, and be check-ride ready by tomorrow! Your only job is to study the material.


Our Micro-Courses are the first of their kind! Our courses feature a new concept which provides unlimited course help from an appropriately rated FAA Certified, Flight Instructor.


We produce various different types of CFI Teaching Resources which were developed to make both teaching and learning easier for the CFI and their students.


PILOTNICK™ is a Digital Media Publishing Company that specializes in writing and publishing aviation education content, exclusive to flight instructor certification. We exist to help bridge the gap between the Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor certification level. We write content to help CFI Applicants succeed.

Digitize Your Teaching Techniques
Simply The Best CFI Lesson Plans Ever Written.
The Complete CFI Binder is a unified suite of professionally engineered, comprehensively built lesson plans written to a comprehension level that is fundamentally easy to understand.
Perpetually Updated
The Complete CFI Binder Series is always current. It’s updated on an annual to semi-annual basis.
Complete Turnkey Solution
The Complete CFI Binder is a completely finished, polished solution that you can download today, and be check-ride ready by tomorrow.
Fully Interactive
The Complete CFI Binder is filled with high-quality graphics and interactive content, thus making learning and remembering new information easier.
Professionally Written
Our CFI Lesson Plans have been meticulously written and edited by pilots, for pilots.
Easy To Understand
Our Lesson Plans were written utilizing a writing style that promotes learning and information retention.
Lesson Plans On Steroids
Designed as an all-encompassing teachers guide, containing all the necessary content you’d need to teach your lessons.


PILOTNICK™ was born in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado at an altitude of 5,280′. The culture, open-mindedness, and innovative mentality of Colorado was what inspired us to create PILOTNICK™. Our company is run by a group of airline pilots who are active in the aviation education community. Our passion and success are fueled by a city where innovation and creativity are relentlessly resilient. We ♥ Colorado.

Digitize Your Learning Techniques
À La Carte Online Courses.
The first ever. FAA Certified, Flight Instructor-Guided, Online Courses. Each Course is assigned a dedicated, appropriately-rated FAA Flight Instructor, as a Course Teacher. Thus, allowing course participants to ask a real Flight Instructor questions, anytime clarification is needed on course content. Don’t understand a concept? Just ask! We’re here to help!
Introducing Micro-Courses
PILOTNICK™ has taken a different approach to Online Courseware. We’re one of the first companies to successfully develop, and offer for purchase, “Micro-Courses.” Micro-Courses are a new form of Online Courseware, designed to make our customers successful by delivering course content that is highly focused on specific areas of study. Our à la carte courses offer a higher level of aviation content by combining valuable FAA  material with real-world, practical flight experience.