The Complete CFI Binder is a completely finished, polished solution that you can download today, and be check-ride ready by tomorrow!


Our Online Courseware was developed to be non-complex with great video and textual content to enhance e-learning for CFI Applicants.


We create CFI Teaching Resources developed to make both teaching and learning easier for both the Student and Instructor.


All content that we create has been developed by real pilots for pilots. We scrutinize everything so that you don't have to.

Simply The Best CFI Lesson Plans Ever Written

The Complete CFI Binder Series

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Buy The Complete CFI Binder. A unified suite of comprehensive, professionally engineered, lesson plans written to a comprehension level that is fundamentally easy to understand at any level.

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Professionally Written Lessons

Complete Turnkey Solution

Perpetually Updated

Easy To Understand

Fully Interactive


Perpetually Updated

Our Digital Media is always kept current. Content updates are released on an annual to semi-annual basis.

Professionally Written

The Digital Media that we produce has been meticulously engineered and edited by pilots, for pilots.

Easy To Understand

Our Teaching Material has been written with a writing style that promotes learning and information retention.

Stuffed With Content

Our content is built to be an all-encompassing teachers guide, with the necessary content needed to teach your students.

Collegiate Level Pilot Ground Training

Online Courses On Your Terms

Let's be honest...


There are tons of well-known, name-brand products and companies out there that produce training courses for pilots. None of which specifically focus on teaching at the Correlation Level to the Flight Instructor Certification Level.


PILOTNICK Online Courses

We develop micro-courses to educate CFI Applicants on critical topics necessary to become a master flight instructor.

College Level Courses

Vast Attention to Detail

Actually Learn Something

Most online pilot training courses stop teaching the student at the Understanding Level. 

We Don't...

We write our course content to educate our students to the Correlation Level, which is a unique offering in our industry.

Micro Course Concept

Learn Only What You Need

Learn Only What You Want

Each course is engineered to teach you a very specific subject area within the pilot training curriculum.

Enhanced Multimedia

We've Got Lots of Video

Auditory & Visual Learning

If you're an Auditory and/or Visual learner, our courses are designed for you. Each of our courses contain tons of college-level lectures, designed to help you retain the course content.